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Why Marrying Someone Rich Is Better Than Building a Side Hustle

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Who doesn’t want to become rich?

Who doesn’t want to become rich? Or, at least, who doesn’t want to become richer?


Except for being robbed because of it, there’s no downside to having more money than the average. But sometimes, people seek challenging paths to get that result.

There are easier ways to become wealthy than working every day for years on a side hustle. And you can achieve the same results with less pain and more fun. You only need to marry someone rich.

The Side Hustle Spell

In the past few years, the side hustle wave bewitched us with its second income and financial independence promises. And we all took the bait and started working on our dreams and hopes. But for most of us, it all went in shambles.

Why so? I think you already know the answer.

Instead of building a side hustle out of pure love, most people tried because they heard others doing it and having a great life. But they didn’t consider the amount of work, patience, and stress they would have to endure. Richness was their only goal. So they failed.

But marrying someone rich is at least four times better than building a side hustle if you only seek money.

Don’t you believe me? Let’s compare the two options.

The Freedom Paradox

Perhaps marrying someone limits your freedom in some way.

You will have to stay with them when they need attention, plan your life together, and even support and bear each other in moments of need. But it is a double-sided exchange. You will also receive the support and love of your partner. And if you respect each other needs and space, you will have a happy marriage.

Side hustles are a different beast.

The problems multiply over time when trying to build something from nothing. In the beginning, the motivational burst will help you overcome the issues. But creating a side hustle is like having a child and choosing to be a single mother or father. Nobody can understand the difficulties you are facing. And nobody can help you even if they wish to.

Even if freedom is the final goal, you will have to skip parties or hangouts with friends. You don’t only need to work to survive like anyone else. You also need to:

  • create content for your audience
  • engage with them
  • build relationships
  • learn how to promote your side hustle
  • deal with clients and customers
  • and many other things.

If you marry someone rich, at least you can afford to go out any time you want. So marrying someone is better than building a side hustle.

The Working Hours Problem

If you marry someone rich, you can even stop working. Or you may work to meet new people, build relationships, or find new friends. But if you fight with your boss or don’t enjoy your job anymore, you can leave it whenever you want and search for something else. Even if things don’t go as expected, you don’t risk anything by not working for a while.

If you build a side hustle, you can say goodbye to the concept of fixed working hours. Everything is work, from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. And you must address many issues that nobody else could solve for you.

Is your blog page unreachable? You better deal with that, or you will gain $0 at the end of the month.

Did one of your best clients commission you a work you must finish in two days? You better start working or lose 50% of your monthly income.

And you need to do all those things besides your day job if your side hustle doesn’t make you independent yet. So marrying someone rich is, again, better than building a side hustle.

The Happiness Illusion

Happiness is the journey, not the goal.

How many times did you hear something similar? Probably too many.

But have you ever thought about why people say that?

Many think enjoying what you do and appreciating every moment of your life, including your job, is the core principle of happiness. But if you analyze those expressions better, you will find out everything comes down to how you use your time.

The more free time you have, the happier you can be. And if you enjoy your job, it’s like having more free time. But if you don’t like it, your happiness will also drop.

However, financial power drastically increases your free time. And if you somehow make a passive income, your happiness will rise.

So it all comes down to passive income. And you can make passive income in two ways:

  • Marry someone rich, even better if someone you love. And, in that case, you don’t have to deal with any stress.
  • Build a side hustle. But, in that case, it will take you a few years to reach the same financial freedom. You could convince yourself that happiness is a journey. But if you don’t enjoy your side hustle, you don’t have any free time. So you would lie to yourself.

So marrying someone wins over building a side hustle also this time.

The Productivity and Motivation Stress

Marriage doesn’t require being productive or motivated. You don’t have to find the motivation to love your partner and spend time together. But a side hustle requires a lot of motivation and productivity skills.

If you wake up one day without being motivated to produce epic content, interact with people, or improve your website, nobody will do that for you. Nobody will push you if you don’t have a successful productivity system or an achievement to seek. But if you stop working, the consequences will be immediate and harmful.

So the last point goes to marrying someone rich as well.

Final Thoughts

You can marry someone rich and earn money on the side for pure pleasure. Or you can build a side hustle and work every day of your life for years. You decide.

Marrying someone rich is at least four times better than building a side hustle. But do you want to be the person that gave up dreams to choose the shorter path? Or do you want to follow them and find a way to transform them into lifelong happiness?

Even if marrying someone rich is less stressful and could bring more happiness, I don’t think I will ever renounce following my dreams. Maybe I will become less wealthy, but how much more rewarding could that be?

(Please, keep in mind this is an ironic article. Never marry someone only because of wealth. The level of richness matters too!)

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