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Top 3 Content Creation Apps To Enhance Your Productivity

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Use these three free apps to double your content output.

Productivity is a skill. And you will achieve it with time.

The first part will be the hardest because you must learn the craft. So each task will take hours. But then you become faster until you optimize each step and finish in the quickest way possible.

Content creation is different.

When you optimize a single task, you only have one goal. So you can focus and achieve it. But with content creation, tasks multiply. And you will speed up only if you improve each of them.

Also, switching between activities introduces delays. You need a support system that can help manage your project. So here are 3 content creation apps to enhance your productivity.

Why do you need a productivity tool?

Content creation is a complex activity that requires many tasks. But in the beginning, you will have to do everything by yourself. For example, you will need to learn:

  • How content marketing works.
  • How to promote your posts on social media.
  • What you need to build a small business.
  • Or even how to limit time loss and increase your content output.

Unfortunately, productivity decreases with the number of tasks you need to finish for two reasons:

  • You lose time switching between them.
  • Any distraction could capture your attention in the meantime.

So you must find a productivity tool that groups related tasks and limits outside distractions. And here are the top 3 content creation apps I use daily to enhance my productivity.

1 — Build a Project Management System With XTiles

Most content creators use Google Drive to manage their projects. But they are general purpose: Google didn’t invent them for this reason. So they don’t have specific support systems for content creators and their needs.

On the contrary, XTiles is the best productivity tool of its kind. Its developers build it for content creators. And it allows you to do unique operations no other productivity app has.

Freedom is the most important thing.

Freedom is the feature I like the most about XTiles. They give you a whiteboard, and you can do whatever you want.

The software structures your work in blocks. But you can build them as you wish, with custom sizes and scopes. And you can even edit and drag them around without modifying their content.

Freedom, however, is not a synonym for productivity. If anything, it enhances procrastination. But if you structure your pages in stable templates, your content output could double.

Boost your productivity with a Block Strategy.

XTiles is powerful because of its block strategy. And you can use it to boost your productivity.

Don’t keep generic blocks on your project. Use customized blocks instead, and split your content to increase efficiency. Here are a few ideas from the blocks I use the most.

  • Store relevant information about the post and its SEO in the header block (title options, keywords, cover images, etc.)
  • Put links to related articles and research topics in the linking block.
  • Use paragraph blocks to write your content.
  • And use many outline blocks for writing short outlines for the paragraphs.
  • I also use other blocks to move graphic design and video content around the article, but you may not have them.
Example of the type of blocks  in XTiles for Top 3 Content Creation Apps To Enhance Your Productivity
Example of the type of blocks  in XTiles

And, if you want, you can even use tabs to separate your content for efficiency.

Example of a Complete Content Plan  in XTiles
Example of a Complete Content Plan  in XTiles

Use template pages to your advantage.

The app offers many templates you can use for your content. But I always worked better with my solutions. So I took inspiration from theirs and made three templates I always use for creating content.

  • First, I made a content creation page. It contains most of the blocks I described above. And it helps you reach deep work faster whenever I start writing.
  • Second, I listed all my posts on a tracking page. I created one block for each topic and put each article in its category. Usually, the tracking page helps me understand trending topics. So I can adjust my strategy based on its changes.
  • Third, I built a page for social media content. I often extract ideas from my blog posts to promote them online. So I create many social media blocks on one page to keep track of their publication.
Example of Social Media Content Page on XTiles for Top 3 Content Creation Apps To Enhance Your Productivity
Example of Social Media Content Page on XTiles
Example of Tracking Page  on XTiles
Example of Tracking Page  on XTiles

How to enhance productivity with XTiles?

A high-level organization will help improve your productivity. And with all these tools, you will build the project management system of your dreams.

You can track your goalscreate content and promote it in the same app.

When writing, you will always have the outline in front of you. And when you are editing, you can move blocks around until they fit at best.

The possibilities are infinite. You can set up your project as you wish. And by not switching between applications, your productivity will increase.

2 — Make a Personal Database With Curiosity

Curiosity is an app that indexes data from multiple accounts and collects it faster to enhance productivity.

They released it not so long ago, but you can already connect with many apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Notion, Google Calendar, Trello, Twitter, Linkedin, and any email. But it will also collect information on your computer. So you will have an all-in-one container for all your data.

I don’t know about you, but I hate searching for data I can’t find. I often use many platforms to connect with clients. But then, I forget where I talked with them and what we agreed on. So I have to search on all my socials, and I lose a lot of time.

Research and create spaces.

Researching information with Curiosity is simple. Once you connect your accounts, you can start typing, and the app will find everything. It doesn’t matter if it is a file on your computer or an email you wrote a few months back. Curiosity will find it.

Then, you can save your search in spaces to access it in the future. In the same space, you can save many searches. Therefore, you can collect information about one project in a single folder and find data easier.

Searching with Curiosity for Top 3 Content Creation Apps To Enhance Your Productivity
Searching with Curiosity

Where does your data go?

My privacy online means everything. When I was younger, I gave my data to many stupid apps, but now I understand the implications and always research what apps do with my data.

Curiosity doesn’t have this problem. It stores data on your computer and not in some random cloud storage. So you will always have complete control over your documents and content.

How to enhance productivity with Curiosity?

You need little to no skill to improve your productivity with Curiosity.

Once you connect the software to your most used apps, it does everything by itself. Initially, you will need some time to collect and index files. But after a while, you could research a database with all the information on your computer.

So next time you write an article, you already have all your research and interactions with clients in one space.

3 — Track Your Consistency and Goals with Dreamfora

Productivity requires consistency. It’s as simple as that.

You won’t double your content output if you don’t create posts daily. And to achieve this goal, you must be consistent and track your goals.

But sometimes, you will procrastinate. Your mind will create hundreds of excuses to escape your duties. So you need a simple task management app like Dreamfora to keep going.

How to make your dreams come true.

When you think about your dreams, your motivation skyrockets.

Have you ever noticed that?

You often set your goals when you think about your dream life, house, family, etc. And you are so focused on the destination that you forget the sacrifices you must endure.

So Dreamfora focuses on dreams.

With this app, you won’t set goals. You will think about a dream and then set it up for success.

  • First, you define the recurrent habits that will make you accomplish your goal.
  • And then, you will write one-time tasks for the set-up of the project.
Example of Dreams in Dreamfora
Example of Dreams in Dreamfora

Each morning, Dreamfora will move your daily habits to your to-do list. So you can check the tasks for each dream as soon as you finish them.

Example of daily habits and to-do in Dreamfora for Top 3 Content Creation Apps To Enhance Your Productivity
Example of daily habits and to-do in Dreamfora

Moreover, you can discover and try new challenges created by other users on Dreamfora. So you may build your content writing business while also working on other tasks.

The only unfortunate feature is that Dreamfora is a mobile app, and you cannot use it otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Productivity is tricky to learn because it requires time and efficient tools.

As a content creator, I always search for new apps to improve efficiency. And I have to say these three doubled my productivity in the past few months.

  • XTiles is the best content creation tool to build and track your pieces.
  • Curiosity is a helpful solution for people who must interact with many clients and forget things.
  • And Dreamfora is a mobile app to track your content writing and life goals.

If you combine them, these are the top 3 content creation apps that will enhance your productivity. But if you thrive for more, here are another five apps that helped me write articles faster.

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