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Top 15 YouTube Channels To Find Free Inspiration as a Content Creator

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The best content creators to follow when you lack inspiration.

One of the most critical challenges of any content creator is finding unique topics to discuss and new ideas to share with their audience.

But what if, one day, you run out of ideas and can’t think of anything good enough to share?

Will you have a support system to help you find inspiration and keep creating? Or will you give up?

Perhaps you are a curious creator who built a social network that gives you constant inputs and curiosities to explore. But even the best networks could fail sometimes. So here are the top 15 YouTube channels I use to find free inspiration when everything else has failed me.

1 — Better Ideas

Better Ideas is one of my favorite YouTube channels discussing self-improvement. I’ve been following it since 2018, and I can’t get enough of its videos.

Joey Schweitzer tickles your curiosity with one or two videos each month. And the topics rarely repeat, so you can never run out of ideas on his channel.

In particular, Joey discusses anything concerning routines, habits, confidence, and personal growth. So if you are interested in the self-improvement niche, you cannot miss his channel.

2 — Pat Flynn

For those of you who have been following me from the beginning, you know I have a thing for Pat Flynn, his Smart Passive Income blog, and his infinite projects. And if you love successful entrepreneurs who transformed their passion into a job, you need to follow his channel.

He knows what he is talking about, and he makes concepts simple for anyone. So if you are a content creator, this is one of the top 15 YouTube channels where you can find free inspiration.

3 — Thomas Frank

If you are a productivity addict and you always search for ways to improve yourself, Thomas Franks will have a new idea for you to try. Even better if you are also a student.

Thanks to Thomas, I discovered some of the best productivity apps I have ever used. And he helped me learn new memorization techniques when I was at university that helped me pass my exams much faster. So if you want to discuss any of these topics, his YouTube channel will be a good inspiration.

4 — Ali Abdaal

Even if I discovered Ali Abdaal only recently, he has soon become one of my favorite YouTube creators because of the variety of topics he discusses.

Since the principal purpose of his channel is to make people reach their goals and be happier, he can talk about anything. And for this reason, you never know what to expect, and you can always find new ideas by watching his videos.

I prefer watching his book suggestions videos to choose if I want to buy any of them or not. But even his productivity and side hustle ideas are often singular.

5 — Matt D’Avella

Matt D’Avella is another content creator I’ve been following for years. And his minimalism has always fascinated me somehow because I would like to be more like him, but I cannot give up all my passions.

Matt applies minimalism to everything in his life. And his video-making skills help him organize the scene in line with his mindset.

He gives you a sense of higher organizational skills and communicates well with his audience. So if you are searching for ideas on productivity and self-improvement, he is one of the greatest creators to follow.

6 — Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt is a small studio that creates educational and animated videos. But what distinguishes it from the others is the variety of topics it shares and the attention it puts into each illustration.

The studio often discusses scientific topics that deal with space, climate change, biology, evolution theory, and even some philosophy. And for this reason, it is one of the top 15 YouTube channels to find free inspiration.

7 — Veritasium

Veritasium is another YouTube channel that publishes videos about science and other fascinating facts. And if you are a curious mind that wants to know how things work, you will find a dedicated video on this channel.

Even if I discovered Veritasium only a few months ago, it has become one of the most efficient ways to trigger my creativity and find inspiration. So even if you are not a science enjoyer, this channel might still work for you.

8 — Andrew Huberman

If you are curious about the human mind and love long-form content, you should follow Andrew Huberman. I’ve been using it for my creative runs, and I have to say his guests are so interesting I can’t get enough of his podcast.

Health is one of the topics I keep consuming on his channel. But he also talks about other neuroscience-related topics like self-improvement, behavioral analysis, weight loss, and stress management.

The length is the only flaw of this podcast. Sometimes, three hours of content are too much even for me. So if you lack patience, don’t bother.

9 — Minute Physics

On the opposite side of long-form content stays Minute Physics — a fast-paced channel explaining anything you never thought you wanted to know.

Were you ever curious about the physics that makes windmills work? It doesn’t matter. With minute physics, you will learn it in only 3 minutes.

And since the videos are so short, ten minutes later, you will already learn three other topics you can use to show off with your friends.

It doesn’t matter if you love physics or not. You will follow this channel no matter what.

10 — Thoughty2

Sometimes, random facts trigger our curiosity and creativity the most. And Thoughty2 is one of those channels with the best variety of topics possible.

Arran Lomas, its creator, doesn’t only have a researched style, but each of his videos is a masterpiece too. Also, he knows how to make any topic so clear that even a newborn could understand him.

So if you are passionate about curious and historical facts, science, or even philosophy, this is one of the top 15 YouTube channels to find free inspiration.

11 — Project Elon

Even if I love watching videos about many topics, self-improvement is still my number one priority. And Project Elon is one of those channels that has everything you need. From productivity to personal growth, but also workflows strategies and optimized systems.

And even if Mike Elon doesn’t have anything to do with the richest man in the world, he is good at what he is doing, and he can give you so many ideas to discuss.

12 — Philosophies for Life

Our history is full of people that influenced our mindset and culture. And the more we study their beliefs, the more we can understand ours.

But even if I am a philosophy enjoyer, I don’t have the time and capacity to read all the books of any philosopher ever existed. (Otherwise, I would have picked another job.) And for this reason, sometimes I check out Philosophies for Life to fulfill my curiosity.

Would you like to know what Nietzsche said about finding your inner genius or becoming a free spirit? Or perhaps you would like to know what Marcus Aurelius thought about life? Then this is the channel for you.

the channel for you.

13 — Stephen Graham

I couldn’t make a top 15 YouTube channels to find free inspiration without putting any investing content creator. So here he is, Stephen Graham himself.

Stephen often talks about his financial status, investing strategies, or even political changes that influence investors and their behavior.

So if you are an investor or want to become one, Stephen can give you an idea of what you should expect and which mindset an investor should have. And if you love talking about personal finance and investing, this channel will give you many ideas to discuss.

14 — Kento Bento

Over the last few years, Asiatic culture has influenced the mind of millions of people around the world. And I am no stranger to the flourish of its intriguing symbolism and deep meanings.

Kento Bento, however, doesn’t idealize the Asiatic culture as any other people. He analyzes its qualities but also its flaws. And he shares some of the most famous stories from the last few centuries in eastern society. For example, my favorites are the South Korean Bank Heist and the Japanese Prison Break.

The animation of these videos is pleasant to watch, and it would deserve a higher ranking. However, the channel has not published anything new in a while. And this is the reason why I cannot put it higher in the top 15 YouTube channels to find free inspiration.

15 — The Improvement Pill

The Improvement Pill is another project I would have put higher on my top 15 YouTube channels to find free inspiration. But as for Kento Bento, the creator stopped publishing. And even if the videos you can find on the channel are still valid, there is nothing new to consume once you finish them.

As the name itself reveals, the Improvement Pill discusses self-improvement and personal growth topics. But it also created compound courses on topics like personal finance, addiction management, and even making friends.

Final Thoughts

A lack of ideas can happen to any of us. But if you have the correct support system, you can always find something to discuss even during those hard times. So these were the top 15 YouTube channels I use to find free inspiration when every other method failed me.

Yet, searching for inspiration doesn’t mean copying content from other creators. It means listening to what they have to say and coming up with your solution to the problem they are trying to solve.

Otherwise, you will never become a content creator, and you will remain a copycat forever.

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