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The Super Sunday: Increase Your Content Output Now (in 2 Quick Steps)

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How to prepare your weekends for maximum productivity and create content for the entire week.

When content creation is still a side hustle, an unproductive day is a lost day.

If you just started your content career and can’t make a living out of it yet, you have to sacrifice each drop of free time for the cause. So productivity becomes your final destination. And procrastination becomes your worst enemy.

But if you have a full-time job and still want to pursue this passion, sometimes you lack time to create content every day. And even if you do, which you should according to many master writers, you may miss your standards sometimes.

It happened to anyone at least once in their lives — you can’t ask your body to always be productive.

Some weeks, you need to completely relax to recover from the challenges of your job. And for those weeks, I build the Super Sunday system to increase content output and recover from any productivity slump.

The Super Sunday System

A Super Sunday is a day dedicated to productivity.

From the moment you wake up until you go to bed, productivity will be your only purpose. And you will limit any external factors to have a clear image of how your day should advance.

Why Sunday?

Because it is perfect.

If you work 5 days a week, you have one day to relax and get away from work. So you can focus only on producing content and nothing else.

To set up a Super Sunday, I split it into two main steps:

  • Preparatory step: I list and schedule every task to reach my content goals.
  • Execution step: I use the schedule to produce as much content as possible.

And thanks to these two steps, I can build a Super Sunday to increase my content output and productivity for at least one day a week.

The Preparatory Step

The preparatory step helps you get in the correct mindset for a Super Sunday dedicated to productivity. So it deals with figuring out what you need to create, how much it will take you, and which should be the details of your work.

1 — Split content based on typology.

First of all, split your content based on its type.

Articles, newsletters, or any similar content has the same realization pattern. Also, if you create video or audio content, they share the first step — writing. So you can put them in the same skill pool.

But infographics or social media content require different skills. So you need to put them in other skill pools. This way, each work session only focuses on limited abilities. And you can work faster.

Of course, you can use a working session to write outlines for your article, e-book chapter, and weekly video. But use another to draw infographics.

2 — Define your working hours.

If you want to create an efficient Super Sunday that helps you increase your content output, use restricted working hours.

On Sunday morning, you need to know when to wake up to be efficient. But you also need to know when to fix a working session and use your chronotype to increase your productivity.

Also, each session should last for at least one hour, so you have enough time to dive into each activity.

3 — Choose a productivity system.

Choose a productivity system before using it, so you can already set up any preparatory steps.

Perhaps you want to use a to-do list, for example. Or maybe the Pomodoro technique.

You may want to produce in-house, outside, in solitude, or even in a crowded place. All of these variables influence your productivity and, therefore, your system. So pick them carefully.

4 — Prepare detailed outlines.

“All things are ready if our mind is so.” ― William Shakespeare, Henry V.

When I write with an outline, I am ten times faster. And the better you prepare with a detailed description of your content, the easier you will produce it. So take each piece of content and describe it.

You may lack time to create content during a workweek, but you should be able to find at least 10 minutes to write a short description each day.

5 — Make a priority list.

Super Sundays should make you productive. But if an unexpected event delays one task, your schedule stops working. So you need to have a priority list to know what you can skip and what to do instead to produce the predominant part of your content.

For example, you can publish an article without the proper promotional post on social media. But you cannot publish it if it still needs editing.

6 — Schedule

Lastly, split tasks on each working session. This way, you already know what you need to do when you wake up, after lunch, in the evening, etc.

Also, do not overstuff sessions. Give yourself time to breathe and schedule the right amount to finish everything.

The Execution Step

The execution step starts when you wake up on Sunday morning and ends when you go to bed. Everything you do in between should follow a linear pattern you defined in the previous step. But you can make some changes if there are any unexpected events or if you overestimate your abilities.

1 — Sleep for at least 8 hours.

If you rest poorly, you will never finish the planned tasks. Therefore, make sure to sleep at least eight hours and exploit your chronotype.

2 — Limit or eliminate distractions.

As soon as you wake up, shut down any procrastination systems. Avoid smartphones, television, and computers — anything with an Internet connection has to go away.

To avoid wasting time, you need a distraction-free environment with no interruptions. So instead of checking emails or scrolling the Instagram feed, prepare your breakfast and practice mindful eating.

3 — Use the Review-Work-Break cycle.

On Super Sunday, each working session follows a 3 steps cycle:

  • Review → This is a short period of 5–10 minutes where you check your schedule and read the outline of the content you need to create next. If there are any leftover tasks from previous sessions, reschedule them or remove the less important ones.
  • Work → In each working session, you use your productivity system to reach a deep work state of mind and produce as much content as possible.
  • Break → A necessary step that allows your body to rest and continue at its peak.

4 — Control your procrastination.

During the break step, your brain needs to distract a little to restart working. But if you unleash your procrastination, you will waste time trying to reconnect with your goals. Thus, limiting the amount of content you consume on each break could help.

If you decide to read, how many chapters will you devour? The same goes for watching any type of video — avoid long and virtually infinite transmissions. And never rely on willpower because it can betray you in many ways.

Final Thoughts

Many aspiring content creators try to build a career but already have full-time jobs. So should they renounce their dreams?

Of course not.

If you are one of those writers, a Super Sunday can help you increase your content output even if your workweek is full. And it also requires little work — you only need to take two steps.

First, prepare your tasks and schedule them. So when Sunday arrives, you already know what you have to do. And second, avoid distractions and work on your projects. Find a system that allows you to reach a deep work state of mind, and produce as much as possible.

And if you still struggle because you do not have a whole free day, it doesn’t matter. The system works even with shorter periods. You just need the willpower to stop procrastinating.

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