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The Hidden Reason You Haven’t Found Your Life Purpose Yet

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And a simple 10-step plan to discover it right now.

Losing purpose is a common problem. It often happens when your growth changes your goals faster than you thought. And everything that looked clear tarnishes until you cannot understand where you are going anymore.

Sometimes, you remain confused for a while. And then you find a purpose again. But other times, the stillness lasts for longer. You start to worry. And it seems like you don’t have a life purpose anymore.

So what is the reason that prevents you from finding your life purpose?

The Hidden Reason You Haven’t Found Your Life Purpose

There are many reasons you cannot find your purpose anymore:

  • You think you don’t have time, so you are rushing towards random goals, for example.
  • You are discouraged by your past failures.
  • Or maybe you can’t build a social network that supports new goals.

But one reason hides behind your pride and prevents you from going ahead with your life.


You are afraid — that’s why you haven’t found your life purpose yet. Your fear is consuming your dreams. So you ramble inside this comfortable and neverending cycle. And it feels good.

In the end, living without a purpose is not that hard. The beginning is the worst part. But you get used to it quickly enough.

Until one day, you wake up without any goal or purpose. And you wish you could escape the prison you built around yourself. So here are ten actionable steps to find your purpose again.

How To Find Your Purpose Again in 10 Simple Steps

30-Day Challenge for The Hidden Reason You Haven’t Found Your Life Purpose
How to find your life purpose – 30-Day Challenge

You will not find your purpose in just a few days. It took me a few months to fight for my goals again when I lost mine. But in a few weeks, I already felt better. And following these ten steps, I fell in love with content creation and never abandoned it again.

So I challenge you to try these ten simple steps for a month.

I prepared a 30-day challenge where you give three days to each step. But you can try more at once or alternate them each day. It doesn’t matter how you do them. What matters is that you fight your fears.

1 — Find your soul quote.

Find your soul quote - The Hidden Reason You Haven’t Found Your Life Purpose
Find your soul quote.

Is it going to be one day or Day One?

I always think about this sentence when I don’t know what to do because it inspired me to improve when in shambles. So it became my soul quote. And it always motivates me to keep trying after every failure.

A soul quote is a simple sentence that can inspire you when you hear it. Usually, it helps you get past your flaws. So to find it, you need many hours of self-reflection. But once you find it (and you will know when it happens), you will never forget it.

Procrastinating is one of my biggest flaws. And I love delaying tasks until the last moment and doing something else. But whenever I think about my soul quote, it charges me with motivation and willpower.

So find something alike. Find something that talks to your mind. And you will find your purpose.

2 — Seek many little failures.

Seek many little failures.
Seek many little failures.

When you fail, you learn the most. And nothing compares to it. But failures also trigger internal questions and purpose-searching.

If you succeed at everything, you never question your decisions and methods. So if you had to replicate your success, it would be impossible because you don’t know how you reached those goals. It may have been an unconscious skill. Or it may have been blind luck.

However, nobody likes to fail because if you keep doing it, you will eventually give up. So seek for many little failures. And you will learn how to succeed.

For every task, you should aim for 80–90% perfection and 10–30% disaster. Therefore, you can fix the wrong parts and learn from your failures while still doing average work.

3 — Don’t accept your flaws.

Don't accept your flaws - The Hidden Reason You Haven’t Found Your Life Purpose
Don’t accept your flaws.

Love has never been a synonym for carelessness. Still, many think they can ignore their flaws in the name of self-love.

If you stop working on yourself, you will never find a purpose. On the contrary, you will hide from the fear chasing you. So stop accepting your flaws because they are not self-love.

Self-love makes you accept the intermediary steps that will make you better. It helps you overcome external events you cannot control. But it doesn’t make you tolerate your flaws or find purpose. Growth does.

4 — Always say yes.

Always say yes.
Always say yes.

Jim Carrie astonished us with his performance in Yes Man. But we might have missed the message.

How could you ever find your purpose if you don’t try most things?

Before writing online, I tried to become a singer, a guitarist, a novelist, a poet, a DJ, a graphic designer, a logo designer, and a game developer. But I haven’t succeeded in any of those activities.

Those jobs fascinated me. But as soon as I knew them better, I understood they weren’t the right fit for me. And I moved to the next adventure.

However, each of those activities left me with something useful I could always bring out.

  • First, stories I can share with people. And I often use them to connect with you and make new friends.
  • Second, the soft skills I use to organize my life and interact with various work environments.
  • And third, hard skills I can exploit to create unique content nobody else could replicate.

So always say yes. Try many activities and learn whatever is possible.

You can’t discover your purpose if you only tried two or three things. So find new passions, motivate yourself to learn them, and abandon what doesn’t stick with you. One of those passions may become your purpose.

5 — Never miss a chance to connect.

Connect with people - The Hidden Reason You Haven’t Found Your Life Purpose
Never miss a change to connect with people.

One thing that kept me from having many friends in high school was that I didn’t want to leave my comfort zone.

I was afraid. And every time people asked me to do something together, I refused. So they stopped.

Years later, I discovered sharing time with people is the only way to connect with them. So when somebody invited me to do something, I always accepted, no matter how shy I could have been.

When you start a new job, for example, and they invite you to a party, accept it. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know anybody. Your situation is the same at work as it is at a party. And talking to people to find connection points will always be challenging.

But you will soon realize joining a group is simple because you are a fresh breath of air in their dynamics. They are all interested in your stories. So use this time to share your experience, and you will build strong connections.

6 — Don’t underestimate time.

Don't underestimate time.
Don’t underestimate time.

Time is the most valuable currency you have. So you better not underrate it.

You can use your time for many things. You can relax, exercise, work on your goals, or even throw precious minutes away. And from all these options, you must avoid the latter.

When you invest your time in growing and learning, you contact new ideas that might help you find new purposes. But procrastination and unhealthy habits keep you in the comfort zone you build around yourself.

So don’t underestimate the time you spend on useless activities. Build a growth mindset instead.

7 — Make yourself useful.

Make yourself useful - The Hidden Reason You Haven’t Found Your Life Purpose
Make yourself useful.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping others. And for some of you, it might even become a life purpose.

People help others daily with simple or challenging tasks. Some become doctors without borders. Others work for free to give food and shelter to the less fortunate.

But they all find purpose in what they do. And you might find it as well.

8 — Cheat your experience.

Cheat your experience.
Cheat your experience.

Reading is powerful because it allows you to cheat experience and learn lessons you have never lived. Of course, they won’t have the same intensity, but they can give you hints and advice you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Editors publish hundreds of books daily. But even if the field is getting crowded, the masterpieces are still recognizable.

So read a lot and steal every piece of experience you can. Reading is the most powerful ability you have. And it can save you plenty of time in finding your purpose.

9 — Connect mind and body.

Connect mind and body.
Connect mind and body.

Your physical and mental health comes first. Everything else can wait.

It took me years to accept I couldn’t only think about my goals leaving everything else out. But eventually, you realize you will never be as quick as you imagined.

The most meaningful dreams require time. And you cannot take it from your relaxation or sleep hours. If you do, your lack of concentration will only delay results. So take time to connect with your mind and your body. Allow them to recover. And you will reach results faster.

10 — Be grateful.

Be grateful - The Hidden Reason You Haven’t Found Your Life Purpose
Be grateful.

Fear is the hidden reason you haven’t found your life purpose yet. And you can beat fear with many tools, but the most powerful is gratefulness.

If you are grateful for your goals, you don’t fear what comes next. It doesn’t bother you because you can achieve everything. And even if you don’t, you will be grateful for the lessons you learned. So you will come back stronger.

Therefore, use gratefulness to defeat fear, and you will find your purpose.

Final Thoughts

Losing purpose may be a common problem. But you can overcome it with a few simple steps.

  • Find the soul quote that can keep you motivated.
  • Seek failures and learn from them.
  • Don’t accept your flaws as if it was self-love.
  • Always say yes to new experiences.
  • Never miss a chance to connect with people.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of time and the growth it can build.
  • Make yourself useful.
  • Read to cheat experience and learn new lessons.
  • Take care of your mental and physical health.
  • And be grateful for what you achieved.

Fear is the hidden reason you haven’t found your life purpose yet. But it won’t be the end of it.

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