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One Content Mistake To Avoid if You Wish To Make 6 Figures

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How to sell premium content right from the beginning of your career

I’ve been creating content for more than two years now. But in the past few weeks, I realized I lost many opportunities to build a six figures income. And all because I did not avoid one content mistake: I never made any premium content for my audience.

It might seem stupid, but if you don’t sell anything, you won’t earn anything. And if you only produce content, help, and entertain people without offering them anything to buy, you are not building a side hustle — you are building a hobby.

Premium content is necessary to monetize your hustle and get something out of it. Unless you already make millions of monthly views, advertising banners are useless. So you need to avoid this one simple mistake and build premium content to make some money.

How To Earn Six Figures With Premium Content

Selling digital products today is easier than it ever was. Multiple platforms allow you to build branded digital shops or single products and monetize them in only a few steps. So you only need to care about the creation and promotion. Everything else is somebody else’s problem.

After two years of content creation, I might have gained a six figures income.

How? Let’s analyze it.

A six figures income means making around $4k a month. And considering I make an average of four thousand views a month, I would have to sell a $1 product to everyone in my audience.

These selling rates, however, are impossible. Nobody could ever sell a product to everyone in the audience. A safer bet would be selling the product to 10% or even 5% of my audience. So, in this case, I would only need to sell a $20 product to 200 people each month, which is more realistic.

Of course, it takes time to make those sales. And you won’t have that many views and sales if you just started. But still, you are losing many opportunities only because you are not creating any premium content to sell. And at this rate, you will never build a sustainable income.

But which are the benefits of premium content? And how can you avoid this content mistake and start building a side hustle out of your passion?

4 Game-Changing Benefits of Premium Content

Premium content is the only stream of direct income you don’t have to share with anybody. Advertisement and affiliate marketing networks keep most of the revenue for themselves. And most platforms underpay their creators. But with premium content, you set the price.

Of course, the content should be worth consuming. But if you help people and give them high-value pieces, they will buy them.

So enough with the money talk! Premium content has at least four more game-changing benefits for a creator.

1 — It is a one-shot activity.

Premium content is a one-shot activity. Once you create it, it doesn’t require any further updates. So you can always promote and sell the same content. And this is one of the best benefits of selling your digital product.

However, most premium content takes time to create. E-books take a few weeks to complete or even months. Case studies take a few days, while infographics take a few hours. But once you finish, you only need to promote it repeatedly.

2 — It makes passive income.

The other massive advantage of premium content is that it builds passive income.

If you keep promoting it, you will generate more revenue because you will remind people of its existence. But even if you stop promoting it and only write a few promotional posts, they will keep sending traffic to your product.

And in this way, you can create time to build new premium content, promote it, and generate new income. So you can scale up your business and make more stable revenue sources.

3 — It helps you build authority.

You will build authority in your niche if you create other content besides the usual articles or videos. People will recognize your brand in every project you share. And you will have more entry points to tackle their interest and attract them with your products.

Also, thanks to courses, e-books, and case studies, you can focus on solving more significant and in-depth problems.

4 — It breaks the routine.

Working on the same type of content for ages is exhausting. And you need to take some breaks from time to time if you want to protect your mental health and creativity.

Our brain needs constant change to keep improving and finding new ideas. So producing longer or more time-consuming content can break the routine and give you the time to refresh your creativity. You can earn some income and resupply old concepts with new ideas.

How To Avoid This One Content Mistake

Start as soon as possible.

The more you wait, the harder it will be to start. Therefore, create premium content as soon as you publish your thoughts online.

There shouldn’t be a moment you think it is too early or too late to create premium content. If you decide to build an online side hustle, you will always need something to sell. Otherwise, how will you generate a stable income?

Also, the sooner you start, the faster you will improve. Your first pieces of premium content will fail miserably. Most of them do. But if you keep creating and studying your audience, you will succeed.

Promote, promote, and promote.

Even if you create your premium content in time, you won’t sell any copy if you don’t share it with people and create a narrative around it. So there is only one rule that will make you create a stable income:

Promote, promote, and promote!

And promotional posts should aim to achieve three goals:

  • Build awareness, and show your product to as many people as possible.
  • Talk to the needs and problems of people to make them empathize with your product.
  • And sell them a reliable solution in the form of a digital product.

Also, you can promote in two ways:

  • You either hire someone else to do it for you. But you will have to pay for it, and others will build authority thanks to your product.
  • Or you can promote it yourself by sharing free content. And in this way, you will build authority yourself, and you will also save a few bucks.

Guess the correct price.

Nobody wants to feel they are overpaying for a service or a product. And the only way to justify a high price is to give people enough reasons why your product is worth buying.

Your audience won’t buy your digital asset only because they care about you. Perhaps some will. But the vast majority won’t even click the follow button. So how do you expect them to buy something?

If you want to become a good seller, you don’t only need to build an emotional bond with your customers. But you also need to give them enough excuses to relieve them from spending money.

Tell them why they need your service. Overwhelm people with excuses. Remember that you will only have one chance with some. And then, they will be gone forever.

However, you don’t want to be on the other side either.

Most beginners sell their products for ridiculously cheap money, or sometimes even for free. But if you give stuff for free, you are not making money. And, most of all, people will perceive your product as useless. So try to find a middle ground. Don’t underprice your product. But don’t overprice it either.

Simplify the complicated.

Even if you avoid the one content mistake of most beginners and decide to make some premium content to sell to your audience, you might still make errors. And one of them is complicating things.

Last month, I had to buy a new smartphone and went to an electronic shop nearby. As I spoke to the seller and told him what I wanted to buy, he started making me some offers. And he almost convinced me with a 30% discount. But before paying, he wanted me to complete a one-page sheet with personal information. So I ordered the same phone on Amazon for $50 more. (Please, don’t hate me.)

So be like Amazon. Don’t bother your clients by asking them hundreds of questions. Make them pay as soon as possible.

The more steps you put between your promotional post and their credit card, the more clients you lose.

Final Thoughts

We all make mistakes, especially with things we never made before. But without errors, we wouldn’t learn how to improve and do things better. So even if you failed to avoid this one content mistake, don’t give up.

You can still improve and create premium content to boost your income and build a remunerative side hustle. And you will make that six figures income if you learn how to promote and sell your digital assets.

Even if you wasted a lot of time, it is never too late to share new forms of content with your audience. They might need your help more than you think. And they may be striving for something more from you.

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