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My Crazy Plan to Make $10,000 with Content Creation in 2023

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The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding as a Content Creator in 2023

I failed at content creation in 2022. Or, at least, I consider it to be a failure.

There were so many changes in my life I couldn’t find the stability to focus on creating more content. I wasn’t breeding my audience well enough. And my growth suffered from it.

But 2023 will be different.

Even if I wasn’t too prolific, I had the time to research what my audience likes and what it doesn’t. I studied my public, and I know which posts it loves. So I won’t spend time writing useless blog posts that don’t get any views anymore.

And if you want to succeed in 2023 too, or at least try, here’s my crazy plan to make $10,000 with content creation.

Always learn from the past.

When a new year begins, people set new goals and resolutions they hope to achieve. But only a few analyze their pastyear to understand what to improve, drop or repeat with the same consistency.

For example, in 2022, I focused on writing blog posts more than anything else. But in 2023, I want to focus more on The Challenge, my monthly newsletter that some of you read.

I was too afraid of being spammy and disturbing people. And this fear kept me from building a bigger audience. But if somebody subscribes to a newsletter, they do it for the content. So I decided to focus on it and write more for those people this year.

So if you have a newsletter, focus on growing it. Or if you don’t have one, it may be the right moment to start.

Is it time to start a newsletter?

Most content creators fear starting a newsletter because they think they have nothing to say. But trust me, you have.

Your opinion matters to someone. And if you show your unfiltered point of view, you will gain the trust of many.

For example, I wrote 12 issues last year with suggestions and challenges for content creators. I shared my experience and errors with the public, and they appreciated it. So the monthly issue will remain. But I want to focus on building a 12-step plan to become a content creator this year. I think I studied it well enough and can provide some interesting data.

I already outlined everything and can’t wait to share the first issue with you. So if you haven’t subscribed to The Challenge yet, this is the perfect moment to do it.

Also, I would like to focus on peripheral things too. For example, I thought about analyzing each social media platform and writing a short guide about the best way to succeed. And this is only the first part of my crazy plan to make $10,000 with content creation in 2023.

Blog articles are a side source of income.

Since I started writing online, my blog articles have been my only source of income (for how low that income might have been).

In the first year, I didn’t even make $100. In the second, I reached around $1,5k. So what will this 2023 bring?

I want to keep writing articles on this platform because I love sharing my ideas with you. I love stress-testing them and seeing other people use them and succeed. But I am not sure writing articles online will be my only source of income, or at least not on this platform.

The importance of external collaborations

In 2022, I collaborated with a few companies and loved writing reviews for them. It helped me build a small network of people that support me and know I am always there if they need any content creation work. And I would love to expand in that direction more.

If you only have one source of income, you may consider creating some more. And collaborating with companies is the first step towards independence. Once you build a small audience, search for products and services you could share, and ask their referees if they are interested in any promotion.

You may receive a few rejections at first. But keep trying, and you will find someone. Start stall, and then scale up.

It is always time for a social media boost.

Social media is the place I experimented with the least. Last year, I tried to publish my thoughts and create content there a few times. But I failed for two reasons:

  • I was inconsistent even if the results were promising.
  • And I didn’t have a social media strategy.

I did a 30-day challenge on Twitter. And the results were unexpected. So this year, I plan to make The Challenge an everyday reality and try to interact with people to increase my social presence. And hopefully, growing my social network will make me reach a bigger audience and improve the performance of my content.

Promotion is everything today. You already know it. But not everyone knows how to build a social presence efficiently. Therefore, you must have a strategy before throwing yourself to the sharks.

Start interacting with people with no purpose. Give your opinion. Share simple ideas at first. And try to understand what works best.

Then, you can create a social promotion plan to mix light content with more complex content. So even if you promote your content sometimes, you don’t sound like an advertisement.

My Crazy Plan to Make $10,000 with Content Creation

So what is this crazy plan of mine?

Embrace yourself because I am planning to crush the competition in 2023. And I will do it with five weekly goals that will bring me to those 10k.

1 — Write two articles per week.

I used to write one article per week for the last two years. Sometimes, I managed to write more, but I noticed the quality decreased. So I never took the leap of fate.

Still, two years passed, and my content skills have improved. So I wish to return to an average of two articles per week until the end of the year. And if I could do that consistently, I would consider my goal completed. And also reach 30–40% of my plan.

2 — Write from four to six daily posts on Twitter.

Twitter has been a blast for me these past weeks. I’ve tested it for a few months before and seen its potential. But I never had the chance to focus on it.

Yet, I discovered Twitter doesn’t only serve promotional purposes. You can also use it to interact with peopleshare your knowledge, and grow your network. So I am trying to become consistent and grow my brand.

In 2023, I want to write four to six daily posts on Twitter:

  • One promotional tweet for an article or product I built.
  • Four or five tweets to share my thoughts or interact with other creators.
  • Thread summaries each time a new piece is out to promote it.

By the end of the year, building a social media presence should help me boost the performance of my articles by at least 50%. So I could make another 15–20% of the goal.

3 — Write two newsletter issues per month.

The Challenge grew a lot during its first year. I didn’t expect it because I wasn’t investing much time.

But people believed in the project and inspired me to improve it. So the goal for this year is to write at least two issues per month.

  • One issue will cover the step-by-step process of becoming a content creator.
  • The other issue will cover social media or problem analysis for new content creators.

Writing a newsletter is a great way to build a loyal audience. And I want The Challenge to become the light at the end of the tunnel that will help many content creators reach their goals.

Also, as a side goal, I would like to find at least one sponsor that wants to support the project. But I will think about it at the end of the year because it’s too early now.

With the traffic coming from The Challenge, I could make another 10% of the goal.

4 — Make at least two content creation graphics per month.

I have always wanted to create more graphic content. But I never had the time to do it because I was too focused on building an audience through writing.

Yet, the time has come. And this year, I pledge to double my graphics for content creators and publish at least two per month.

  • You can find the first one in The Challenge issues. I will keep sharing them there.
  • While the second will become a digital asset, I will sell to everyone that wants to support the project.

I have never built a digital product before, so I don’t know how much money I could get from this. But considering the promotional benefits I would get from the graphics and the monetary returns, I would hope for at least 10–15% of the goal.

5 — Write an ebook.

And then, I want to write an ebook. I’ve been wondering about this idea for too long. But I never dared to start one because I didn’t feel I had enough knowledge to share with my audience.

Yet, now that my newsletter will force me to study more things, I can collect them in one ebook to share with those who want more data and information. So the book will review and re-elaborate the topics of the newsletter.

Also, you can do two things with an ebook:

  • Promote your work and use links to send people to your other work.
  • Or sell it for a small price and transform it into a side source of income.

So, in the long run, I plan to reach another 10–15% of my goal with it.

Final Thoughts

I failed at content creation in 2022. I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked to be. And I didn’t get the most out of my articles. But in 2023, I made a crazy plan to make $10,000 with content creation.

The plan contains five simple goals:

  • Write two articles per week.
  • Write from four to six daily posts on Twitter.
  • Write two newsletter issues per month.
  • Make at least two content creation graphics per month.
  • And write an ebook.

Following this simple step, you can build and differentiate many income streams. So even if a product fails, others will support you as a content creator.

And if you take care of all of them, we can reach the $10,000 threshold together.

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