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How to lose weight in 2 Months

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Do you want to know how to lose weight in 2 months? 15kg for example.

Then this is the article for you.

Ours is the society of diets, the society of losing weight and going to the gym. Still, compared to the past, ours is also a society that doesn’t accomplish its goals and drops them.

At least once in your life, you started a diet, we all did. You were motivated, you felt like you could fast for weeks, and then, after a few days, you disregarded the rules, until the diet perished naturally.

Today you still want to lose that extra fat surrounding your belly, but it seems like you are not strong enough. Every time it ends up in failure, you see no progress. It’s exhausting.

I reached 85kg on my worst days. At 22 years old, I was ashamed of my body. I was eating anything because it became a habit, and I couldn’t stop myself.

My life changed because of my eating pattern. I lost my confidence, and I lost a clear vision of my future. I became a parasite to my parents’ house.

When I decided to lose weight

One day, I lost my girlfriend too and my perspective on life changed completely.

I needed to make myself available again, to be attractive and get back on the market, so I searched for tricks to become confident and get back in shape.

Having a girlfriend wasn’t enough anymore, I wanted to be the dream of any girl I would have ever been in contact with.

So I started working on my body, and mostly on my mind. I found out that losing weight is much more about what you think than what you do. Your actions are the reflections of your thoughts and if your mind is clear, then your body will follow.

I also discovered that motivation and limits will not make you succeed: they both don’t last.

You need to build habits. You need to feel limitless and forge motivation by yourself. Even if you are respecting some rules, it doesn’t have to feel exhausting. You chose those rules, and you should respect them if you want to lose weight.

I will tell you how I lost 15 kg in 2 months. Still, before we start, keep in mind I am not a medic. I read a lot about losing weight and building a powerful mindset, and I want to share with you my journey.

I hope this helps.

Build up Confidence

People underestimate how much confidence means when you plan to transform your body. Confidence allows you to maintain a positive mindset and build motivation when it lacks, so it is fundamental to your journey.

You need to trust yourself if you want to stay motivated. Trust will lead to the awareness of being able to become the best version of yourself. Also, it will keep you accountable and forbid you to draw back into your old life patterns.

There are different ways you could build confidence. I used three simple techniques:

Measure your weight daily.

The more you see your weight drop, the more you will continue working on yourself.

I used to measure my weight loss every day and track it with an app, so I could admire the changes to my body.

I also took a photo once a week in my underwear and compared it to the other photos to notice the improvements. It made the difference.

Compliments in front of the mirror.

Building confidence demands a high vision of yourself. To assemble it, write everything you appreciate about your life and read it in front of the mirror.

Physical appreciations, social skills, academic achievements: anything that makes you proud.

Writing those milestones will make you aware of who you are while reading them will make you observe your success from an external point of view. The mirror will create an imaginary wall between how you feel and how you see yourself. So you can understand where you are, and where you want to be.

Be shameless when it is about you.

Confidence also requires a bit of bluntness. When someone is talking about you learn to emphasize whatever they say. If they say you are smart, then reply by telling them you are the smartest person they will ever know. Or if they say you are handsome, reply that you already know that.

By being blunt and shameless you show confidence, and confidence builds on itself. Still don’t overdo it. You should treat it as a joke: practice it until you balance it so everyone can enjoy it.

Do a non-limiting diet

Losing weight does not need a diet, it only requires a healthy lifestyle. Still, without a diet, you could never reach results and lose that much weight in only 2 months.

Let’s be clear: nobody likes diets. I didn’t like them, and I still don’t. Diets limit the kind and quantities of food you are allowed to eat. And while you could have no problems with eating less, you may find it difficult to stop eating the dishes you love.

I’m one of those people that don’t want to renounce the joy of food, so I searched for a solution, and I found Rina’s Diet.

Rina’s Diet is one of a kind since it allows you to eat anything you want but on different days. It comprises a 4-day cycle, and each day has its food category: there’s a protein day, a starch day, a carbohydrate day, and a vitamin day.

There’s no scientific proof of the healthy or unhealthy effects of this diet. Still, I wouldn’t recommend practicing for a long amount of time. It is preferable to learn to eat healthy instead of doing a diet, but you can try it for some time.

If you want to read more about Rina’s Diet, here you can find a more detailed description.

Working out and running to lose weight

Working out was one of the best things I did on my path towards a better shape. It not only helped me to lose weight, but it also improved my mindset.

There’s something special happening after a running or training session: the runner’s high. This well-known phenomenon improves your motivation after you overcome intensive physical activity. It helps you exercise regularly and even fight depression or addictions.

Moreover, exercising makes you connect progress with sacrifice, which is essential. Any kind of success requires some sacrifice, so the sooner you understand it, the sooner you can accept it.

What kind of exercise to perform is on you, but if you decide to run, I have a tip for you: don’t do it in the gym.

I started running on a treadmill, listening to music and podcasts. This helped me keep running and building a habit. Still, I didn’t feel fulfilled, and I got bored in no time. So I decided to run outside, and it completely changed my mind.

Running outside makes you appreciate and understand the runner’s high. The chemicals released by your body mix with the fresh air in a powerful motivation cocktail, and you will soon build an addiction to it.

Practicing Mindfulness

When I heard that mindfulness can help with weight loss for the first time, I didn’t believe it. I wasn’t able to link a mind practice with a physical transformation, and I kept being skeptical about it.

Then I practiced, and I discovered how understanding your hunger cues can make you control your eating patterns.

Eating slowly and consciously is underrated.

When you eat fast, your body fatigues to understand when the sensation of hunger stops. You don’t recognize the signals of satiation, so you keep eating. Also, if you are not conscious of your eating patterns, you create an addiction to food as a pleasure amplifier. You treat it as an enjoyable activity and lose perspective on its real purpose.

If you eat slow and conscious, you will stop when you are full and not when your plate is empty. Over time, it will make a difference.

How to lose weight

It might seem like a lot to take in, but losing weight is not that hard. It is all about being confident and adopting healthy habits, and most of the time, you don’t even need a diet. Working out is a great tool to magnify your performances but keep in mind that mindfulness can help too.

Losing weight is as mental as physical: you can’t achieve lasting success without improving both of them.

Once you reached your desired form, you need to maintain it. You cannot allow yourself to fall back into your old bad habits. You need to keep using the healthy habits you gained and always improve.

The only thing you shouldn’t do is to stay on a diet forever. Learn to eat healthy instead and allow yourself the joy of food. Your stabilization should include intermittent fasting and not diets. I found it to be very efficient.

Enough talking now.

Get rid of that extra fat around your belly.

Build those muscles up. This is how you lose weight in 2 months.

You can do it.

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