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The Mentor Profile

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The Mentor Profile

In "how to find the perfect mentor," you learned to search for a mentor to improve your writing skills. And one of the crucial steps was to create a mentor profile to understand better the pros and cons of working with him.

Here is a miniature of the mentor profile.

Graphic on a mentor's profile
Graphic of the Mentor's Profile

The mentor profile splits into two parts.

The first part deals with personal data like name, email, and followers. The second includes the most crucial part of the mentor profile: his writing traits.

Required Fields

Here is a list of the required fields:

  1. Frequency, how frequently do they publish? The frequency should align with your writing patterns or have some similarities.
  2. Depth, how much research does their article include? Research is a big part of writing, but some writers don't value it that much.
  3. Style, which is their writing form? For flourishing cooperation, your techniques should align.
  4. Main platforms, where do they publish? It is better if you have at least one in common.
  5. Topics, which subjects do they discuss? This part is not as important as you think, but it will help you communicate with your mentor. Sometimes, it is even better to write about different topics but in similar ways.
  6. Current projects, what are they currently working on, and possibly why? If you know that, you will approach your mentor with more ease.
  7. Achievements, what have they achieved? And how much does it matter for mentorship?

Once you complete a few mentor profiles, you can also mark your affinity with them. So you can have a visual idea of which writers you should contact first and which would be the best for you.

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