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The Equation of Life Checklist

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The Equation of Life Checklist

The equation of life is a core of ideas that I consider necessary to reach the success I ever wanted. So if you wish to be successful in life, you can take some of my beliefs and create yours. And you can start from my equation of life checklist.

The Equation of Life Checklist
The Equation of Life Checklist


Thinking about improving my life, I have always valued four main pillars. (As explained in How To Reach the Success You Ever Wanted with The Equation of Life.)

  1. Productivity, or how to get things done.
    Productivity has always been about deep work and flow. You need to know how to isolate yourself and keep flowing between chores if you want to be productive. But there is more you can do. For example, you could try starting with the hardest or easiest task first and see what fits you better. (If you want to know more about that, I wrote an article about deep work and flow.)
  2. Habits, or how to automatize life.
    Habit is the second pillar I value the most in life. Without habits, I don't think I could have ever achieved anything. But consistent habits are painful. And you could limit that pain with some precautions. For example, you could use a benefits/drawbacks journal for your habits to understand what is helping you and what is not.
  3. Compound Effect, or how to reduce the effect of luck.
    There is only one way of limiting the luck effect on your projects - you need to build consistent results thanks to the compound effect.
    You can use it in many fields, from content creation to financial or project plans. So you better start learning about it.
  4. Financial Security, or how to limit unnecessary worries.
    Financial security is the last pillar of my equation of life, and you can achieve that through different paths. You can build an emergency fund, invest your money, or use the 50/30/20 rule.

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