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Productivity System Evaluation

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Productivity System Evaluation

Have you ever measured your productivity system parameters? With this evaluation printable, you can understand how perfect is your productivity system and how you can improve it.

When you build your productivity system, you base it on values, but not necessarily the right ones.

Sometimes, you tend to hide your flaws. For example, even if disorganized, you could try time blocking as a productivity system. But in most cases, the results will not improve. For this reason, a perfect productivity system should include a self-regulation pattern to change everything that is not working.

Many people use overcomplicated patterns, but this is not the case. Simplicity has always worked better. So a weekly review can spot problems in your system and help you find their solution.

To practice self-regulation, I rate myself with two marks every evening.

  • The first values my ability to finish tasks. The higher the score, the more productive I have been.
  • The second evaluates my mental health score instead. The higher the score, the less stress I feel.

You can use the printable graphic below to do it too.

Perfect Productivity System Evaluation Printable for The Perfect Productivity System: a Complete Guide on How to Create It Right Now
Printable Perfect Productivity System Evaluation

If you want to read more about this topic, check out "perfect productivity system: a complete guide on how to create yours." You will discover the best productivity systems like the 12-week year, getting things done, time blocking, or the Eisenhower matrix. Also, you will learn how to choose the starting productivity system that better suits your lifestyle.

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