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Perfect Content Map Printable

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Perfect Content Map Printable

If you want to make a perfect content map, you need to start with the basics. So here is a simple printable that helps you build your first mono-focus content maps and exercise growing those ideas starting from one key idea.

How to make a perfect content map printable

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There are five levels a content map should respect:

  1. Main focus: this is the focal keyword of your blog - it is your niche. From here, you will build the entire map.
  2. First association: this level includes the first things that come to mind when thinking about your focus. So their relationships with your keyword are stronger.
  3. Second associations: On the second level of the content map, you are in a peripheral zone, so the leverage of your main focus lowers. Here, you can influence your main niche with topics that fascinate you.
  4. Relationship deepening: Until this level, there is only one link between two topics, but a single relationship is often not enough, and this approach is not accurate. To catch other connections, draw other links between two different subjects.
  5. Trending topics: On the side of the map, take note of all the periods of the year you can exploit with your content. Holidays, end of the year goals, Christmas, mid-year checkups, and anything that comes to mind.

Here is how to make a perfect content map for your blog and write about anything you want. For more information, you can read the related article, where I explain the process step by step and give you examples of some of my first content maps.