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How to Use Batched Tasks for Creating Content

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How to Use Batched Tasks for Creating Content

Will we ever stop talking about productivity? I don't think so.

Productivity is the king of online hustles. No matter how much content you produce, there will always be someone who makes more. And if you want to keep up with everyone else, you need to work on yourself and your systems.

If you want to improve your productivity, you can work on many fronts. But most times, unbatched activities are the main problem you need to solve before anything else.

Many disadvantages come from unbatched tasks:

  1. When shifting between activities, you will suffer from attention residual. When working on a task, you will also think about the other, which makes you less efficient.
  2. Multitasking makes you work poorly on each activity because you can't concentrate on either. It is like building up attention residual continuously.
  3. Pursuing multiple goals makes you commit many more errors, and you will need more time to fix them. And even while fixing them, you could miss some if you don't focus.

In How to Boost Your Content Output Every Day, I made a list of 8 batches you can use to increase productivity. And here is the infographic that shows and explains them in short. You will read about topic selection, headline study, content outline, content writing, content editing, final review, content schedule, and social promotion.

How to use batched tasks
How to use batched tasks

Download the infographic below to learn how to use batched tasks for creating content. And if you need more instructions on how to do this self-improvement challenge, you can read the relative article.

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