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Content Strategy Optimizer

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Content Strategy Optimizer

If you want to become a content creator in one yearadaptability is one of the fundamental traits you need. Therefore, you need to use a content strategy optimizer and give up what is not working for something different.

Strategy Optimizier for How To Become a Content Creator
Content Strategy Optimizer

And the best way to have instant feedback is to split all your content into three lists:

  1. The first list contains content that is working. Here, you can put your best performing pieces or even promotional posts with many interactions. Also, you can use this list to get inspiration from other content that might work.
  2. The second list contains content you still think can work but needs some refinements. Often, this list includes topics similar to the first one, but they didn’t work for some reason. Maybe because the title is not catchy enough, the SEO strategy needs a review, or your social promotion didn’t work that well. However, the topics are recuperable.
  3. The third list contains content that is not working. Usually, you will fill it with pieces with too much creativity but insufficient or inappropriate value for the audience. Or, sometimes, even content that does not trigger the interest of your audience. And you can use the list to avoid building content with similar ideas because it will probably not work.

And if you need more instructions or want to learn how to become a content creator in one year, you can read the relative article.

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