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8 Kaizen Life Tips To Write Better Articles

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8 Kaizen Life Tips To Write Better Articles

Being disciplined in writing is one of the painful tasks for a creative person. Whatever you do, procrastination will always play with your fears, and you will do nothing. So if you want to learn discipline, here are 8 Kaizen life tips for you. Also, you can learn a more in-depth article about the same topic.

8 Kaizen Life Tips to Write Better Articles
8 Kaizen Life Tips to Write Better Articles


  1. Never stop. Improve yourself, no matter what. Improvement should always be your top priority because it gives you more satisfaction than anything else.
  2. Eliminate old practices. Old practices are not good if they enhance your procrastination tendencies instead of productivity and discipline. So eliminate them.
  3. Be proactive. Failing is always better than doing nothing and having remorses. Because at least by failing, you have learned something.
  4. Beware of new methods. New methods are an efficient way of proving that you can do things otherwise. But new methods don't always work for everybody. So if they don't fit you, go back to what you know best.
  5. Make corrections. If your method doesn't give you the results you are trying to achieve, but you don't correct it, it will continue to fail. So keep track of what is working and what is not, and make corrections.
  6. Crowdsource. Try to understand your audience and speak to them. Feedback is often the most valuable asset of a writer.
  7. Practice the Five Why method. If you want to get to the core principle of an idea, practice the five why technique. Ask yourself why multiple times.
  8. Be economical. Buying new services and products won't make you become a better writer. So stop focussing on consuming, and start producing.

If you want to read more, download the printable version of the 8 Kaizen life tips right now! Or go back to the related article to read more about the Kaizen philosophy.

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