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13 Writing Lessons to Learn from 3 Masters of Style

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13 Writing Lessons to Learn from 3 Masters of Style

Here is a summary of 13 writing lessons to learn from three of the most appreciated masters of style: E.B. White, Stephen Kind, and William Zinsser.

If you want to transform your writing passion into a job, you need to improve your skills and become better at storytelling. And you could read as many books as you wish, but nothing can compare to the masters of style themselves.

So if you ever decide to improve your writing basics, here are three books you should read at least once in your life:

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13 Writing Lessons to Learn
13 Writing Lessons to Learn

In this infographic, you will find 13 rules extracted from each book. And if you like them, I suggest you read the books in this exact order.

  • The first one, by E.B. White, is a small rulebook you can use to improve your craft. Most of the rules regard grammar usage, but there are also a few instructions on misspelled or complicated words you should always consider.
  • The second, by Stephen King, focuses more on narrative, but it also has great ideas for non-fiction writers. But the fundamental lesson King teaches you is to work with consistency and an ideal reader in mind.
  • And the third, by William Zinsser, analyzes every kind of non-fiction writing and teaches you how to write it at best.

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