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The Challenge Newsletter

Do you want to become a real cosmopolitan and receive extra content?

Are you a creator? Do you want to improve your productivity, motivation, and content management? It’s time to subscribe to The Challenge, the monthly newsletter that challenges you to become better one day at a time.

If you subscribe now, you will receive every end of the month:

  • The Challenge of the Month: a monthly challenge about productivity, goals, habits, motivation, creativity, and everything else about personal growth.
  • Exclusive Infographics: track your improvement based on the articles of the month. Each month, you will receive exclusive infographics you can use to become a better version of yourself.
  • Notion Templates: are you a Notion fan? Use my custom Notion templates to become a god-tier tracker.
  • The Suggestion of the Month: the links to the most interesting articles of the month about personal growth.
  • Other exclusive content: previews of other content that I publish elsewhere, special offers, e-books, and services.

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If you want to download The Cosmopolitan Mindset’s printable resources or infographics, check out the Downloads page. However, if you need to review the theory, read the latest articles.