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Writing can chain us or free us.

Whether you want to write books, articles for someone else, or manage your blog, you need to learn how to write good content to touch your reader’s heart. If you are honest and you write true stories, your reader will give you the benefit of the doubt first, and then their trust.

But writing can transform into something bigger: a side hustle or even a job, which requires more skills. Writing a blog post that gets you views becomes then necessary. So you need to understand how to manage your side hustle or even money if you grow enough.

A good writer requires many skills nowadays. And in the beginning, you will make many errors. But thanks to the Cosmopolitan Mindset, at least you can sidestep some of them.

I will describe to you my path. I will show you my techniques and results. So you can take inspiration and, hopefully, avoid the errors I made.

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Why Marrying Someone Rich Is Better Than Building a Side Hustle

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