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The Author

One step at a time

About the Cosmopolitan Mindset’s Author

I am a freelance writer and creative enthusiast. Passionate about health, personal growth, finance, creativity, and everything that revolves around the self-improvement flag.

I would love to inspire you to become better, so I created this blog as a shelter for your first growth experiences and challenges.

You can read about different topics here, and I will always be there to answer you when needed. Together, we can grow stronger.

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The Story

The Cosmopolitan Mindset’s Story

About The Cosmopolitan Mindset
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The Cosmopolitan Mindset was born in March 2021. After many years of writing on other platforms, I decided it was time to build my home, where I could talk about anything I wanted and interact with the people that care.

I want this to be a shelter for those who want to improve and become better people, but don’t know where to start. The Cosmopolitan Mindset can be your home if you need it to be.

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